United Kingdom

Stellantis Introduces Affordable Citroen e-C3 EV in UK

Stellantis shakes up the EV market with Citroen e-C3, a new affordable electric car in the UK at $28,000. The e-C3 challenges BYD and Chinese competitors with a 44 kWh battery, 199 miles range, and 26-min fast charge. Available in Plus & Max trims, the Max version offers extra features at $30,200. Orders open in July. BYD, expanding globally, eyes the UK with its low-cost Seagull EV. Stay tuned for Jeep's $25,000 US-bound EV launch.

BYD Sea Lion 7 EV: Right-Hand-Drive Launch 2024

BYD Sea Lion 7 EV, bigger than Tesla Model Y, to launch in 2024 with right-hand drive (RHD) for Thailand, Australia, New Zealand markets. Features BYD's latest e-Platform 3.0 EVO with fast-charging speeds up to 240 kW, offering NEDC range up to 600 km. Priced from $A40,480 to $A51,150 in China. Launch confirmed in Thailand by end of 2024. Stay tuned for further updates.

Nissan’s Next-Gen LEAF EV Production Challenges Unveiled

Nissan gears up for next-gen LEAF production at Sunderland plant amid challenges. With over 650,000 LEAF models sold worldwide, new competition poses hurdles. A $3.8 billion investment signals a shift to electric vehicle production, starting with the next-gen LEAF. Energy cost concerns and the need for workforce training add to the complexity. Nissan aims to enhance renewable energy use while redesigning the LEAF for increased range and competitiveness in a shifting market. Source

BYD BD11 Double-Decker: London’s Electric Bus Revolution!

BYD's BD11 double-decker electric bus, with a massive 532 kWh battery, might replace London's iconic red buses. The battery offers a range of 400 miles, perfect for London's daily bus routes. Priced at £400,000 per bus, 100 units may soon be ordered by Go-Ahead Group. The BD11 features European-sourced components, in-wheel motors, and fast-charging technology. This move aligns with Transport for London's goal to switch to an all-electric bus fleet by 2030. Source

Swytch Unveils $349 E-Bike Kit: Ultimate DIY Innovation!

Swytch introduces the affordable Swytch GO e-bike kit at $349, with a pre-order price of £299. The kit offers a 250W motor and a new easy-to-mount GO battery with a range of 15-60 miles. It caters to commuters seeking pedal-assist and includes an optional throttle for power on demand. The redesign focuses on affordability without compromising quality, safety, or performance. Swytch aims to make e-bikes accessible to all with innovative, user-friendly features. Source

Innovative Cityshuttle ePack4: Electric Six-Wheeled Cargo Revolution

Cargo e-bikes are taking over city deliveries like never before, with the innovative Cityshuttle ePack4 leading the charge. This electric six-wheeled giant can carry up to 771 pounds of cargo in its four cubic meters of space. Featuring a trailer with its own wheels, it's like a mini semi-truck on two wheels. Designed for efficiency, this bike offers added features like GPS tracking and can even be equipped with a digital advertising space. A game-changer for last-mile logistics! Source