Xpeng X9 Review: Starship on Wheels Sunday China Drive

China's MPV market gets electrifying with the Xpeng X9, joining the likes of Zeekr 009 and Li Auto Mega. The X9 stands out with its sleek design, luxurious interior, and advanced tech features like the XNGP driver-assistance system. It offers a spacious cabin, innovative storage solutions, and a powerful performance with a range of 640 km. Safety features include a robust safety cage and Level 2.5 ADAS. A family-friendly starship for new adventures.

Hydrogen-Powered Bicycles: The Future of Micromobility?

Hydrogen-powered bicycles are making waves in micromobility, offering a unique alternative to traditional e-bikes. Hydroride Europe AG showcased hydrogen bikes with refillable on-board hydrogen fuel cells, providing a range of 60 km per small hydrogen tank. While not revolutionary in performance, the eco-friendly aspect and potential for at-home hydrogen generation make these bikes appealing for fleet usage rather than individual consumers. The future of micromobility may see hydrogen bikes as a sustainable option for sharing companies seeking to minimize emissions and logistical challenges.

Cybertruck Review: Tech Marvel or Missed Opportunity?

A hands-on review of the Tesla Cybertruck reveals impressive technology like drive-by-wire and rear-steering. While the design receives mixed reviews, the innovative features shine. The attention-grabbing truck prompts safety concerns due to its novelty. Driving the Cybertruck offers a smooth, quiet experience, but drawbacks like poor rear visibility and lack of Autopilot are noted. Range and charging capabilities fall short in comparison to other Tesla models. Overall, a Tech Marvel with unique design choices and potential impact on the industry.

Exclusive: Deepal S05 SUV Unveiled Ahead of Q3 Launch

Deepal's newest addition, the S05 SUV, spotted testing in China ahead of its Q3 launch. The smaller cousin of the S7, the S05 will offer electric and range extended versions. With a sleek design and advanced features like LED headlights and a choice of wheel sizes, it's set to make a splash in the market. Priced below the S7, the S05 promises to be a budget-friendly yet stylish option for buyers in the market for a new energy vehicle.

Porsche Cayenne EV Testing: A Bold Big Brother!

Porsche's new electric offering, theCayenne EV, was recently spotted testing in the Alps, sharing similarities with the Macan EV. This fully electric SUV is set to join Porsche's growing EV lineup, known for top-notch performance. Riding on the PPE platform like its sibling, the Cayenne EV is anticipated to feature powerful specs similar to the Macan EV Turbo. Porsche's electrification plans include an upcoming 718 model and a luxurious electric SUV in the works. Exciting times ahead for Porsche enthusiasts!

Ford Unveiling Electric Capri: A Sports Crossover Revelation

Ford is set to reveal a new electric "sports crossover" next week, named the Capri. This model, based on Volkswagen's MEB platform, follows the Electric Explorer. The Capri EV is anticipated to have a long wheelbase and wide stance, resembling other MEB-based vehicles. With similarities to VW's ID.4 and ID.5, the Capri EV is projected to offer a range of up to 374 miles. Stay tuned for the official unveiling on July 10, 2024, for more details.

Summer Sale Alert: Rad Power, MOD BIKES Deals, Anker Discounts!

Summer brings hot deals! Rad Power Bikes offers up to $400 off select e-bike models, including the RadRover 6 Plus for $1,199. MOD BIKES' summer sale slashes prices by up to $1,000, with the Berlin 2 Commuter e-bike at $1,499. Anker's SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station is back at its all-time low of $499. Check out more green deals and Father’s Day gift ideas. Time to ride in style and power up for less!

Exclusive Interview: Tesla Cybertruck Raffle Winner Revealed

A lucky twist of fate lands Jacob Knight as the latest Tesla Cybertruck raffle winner. His heartwarming journey from disbelief to driving off in a tri-motor Cyberbeast is a tale of redemption and new beginnings. With family by his side, Jacob's prize arrives just in time to turn the tide on life's challenges. Dive into Jacob's own words on the surreal experience in an exclusive podcast interview. Teslas and tales of luck await in this Cybertruck saga.

Cruising the Next-Gen Rivian R1S/R1T: A Thrilling Ride!

I test-drove Rivian's next-gen R1S/R1T electric vehicles, highlighting their cost-effective improvements for profitability. The R1T wowed with its 2.7-second acceleration, while the R1S impressed with a luxurious interior and advanced ADAS features. Rivian aims for level 3 autonomy, partnering with Nvidia for powerful onboard computing. With utilitarian frunks and a gear tunnel, Rivian's electric offerings stand out in the market. Can Rivian turn a profit with these upgrades? Time will tell.

Revolutionize Your Ride: The Clip E-Bike Conversion Kit Review

Eager to turn your regular bike into an e-bike? Meet the Clip E-Bike Conversion Kit, a friction-drive unit promising an easy installation on any bicycle. With Commuter and Explorer versions offering speeds up to 15 mph, Clip is convenient but pricier at $499 for Commuter and $599 for Explorer. However, its limitations compared to full-fledged e-bikes might make you think twice before making the switch.