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Zoox’s Robotaxi Revolution Hits Austin & Miami!

Zoox expands its driverless robotaxi rides to Austin and Miami, continuing its innovative approach with purpose-built EVs. Testing in these cities will provide key insights for future commercial operations, focusing on safety and efficiency. While public rides aren't imminent, residents can expect robotaxis soon. Zoox's unique technology and expansion plans position it as a leader in the autonomous vehicle industry, with more cities on the horizon for potential offerings.

Hyundai, Tesla: Long-Range EVs Cheaper than Gas Cars!

Long-range electric vehicles (EVs) by Hyundai, Kia, and Tesla are now more affordable than average gas cars in the US. Prices have dropped significantly, with some EV models like Hyundai's IONIQ 6 being 25% cheaper than the national average. Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y also offer competitive pricing. Leasing options for EVs are up to 37% lower than gas car leases. With prices falling and range increasing, it's a great time to consider switching to an electric car.

New CAFE Standards: Biden Saves Billions, Softened Rules Explained

The Department of Transportation has finalized new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards under the Biden administration, aiming for a 50.4 miles per gallon average by 2031. Although softer than initially proposed, these regulations are expected to save Americans $23 billion in fuel costs and reduce emissions significantly. While electric vehicles play a key role in meeting these standards, criticisms suggest the rules could have been more ambitious. The push towards cleaner transport continues amidst mixed reactions and ongoing efforts to transition to EVs.

Nissan’s Exclusive Deal for Chevy Bolt EV Owners!

Nissan tempts Chevy Bolt EV drivers with an exclusive offer to purchase or lease a new LEAF, starting at $28,140. With a $1,000 incentive available until July 8, Bolt EV or EUV owners can upgrade without trading in their vehicles. Following GM's end of Bolt EV production, Nissan's "LEAF Conquest" offer seeks to attract Bolt drivers. GM also offers deals for Bolt owners to upgrade to Equinox or Blazer EV models.

EV Charging Satisfaction Soars Beyond Tesla’s Superchargers

Based on the latest data by J.D. Power, satisfaction with non-Tesla public EV chargers is on the rise while Tesla's Superchargers slip. Overall customer satisfaction with public DC fast chargers and Level 2 chargers in the U.S. has increased, with praise going to operators like ChargePoint and Electrify America. People are experiencing better charging speeds, availability, and location conditions. Despite Tesla's decline in satisfaction for the second quarter, they still dominate the industry with their renowned Supercharger network.

Long-Range EVs Now Cheaper Than Gas Cars!

Long-range electric vehicles now match gas cars in price thanks to decreased lithium costs and a focus on affordability. Models like the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and Tesla Model Y offer over 300 miles of range at prices lower than the average new car cost of $48,500. The Chevy Equinox EV shines as a frontrunner, starting at $42,000. With more budget-friendly EVs like a $25,000 Jeep on the horizon, the market is set to expand.

2031 NHTSA CAFE Rules: 50.4 MPG Target Unveiled

The NHTSA has relaxed CAFE rules, setting a 50.4 MPG average by 2031, down from the initial 55.7 MPG proposal by 2032. Automakers criticized the EPA's emissions rules, leading to this adjustment to meet more attainable targets. Despite mixed reactions, the new rules aim to promote fuel-efficient vehicles and EV adoption. The administration predicts significant gasoline and carbon dioxide savings, although some environmental concerns linger. The transition away from fossil fuels remains a work in progress amidst shifting regulations.

US Smashes Solar Records in Q1 2024

In Q1 2024, a groundbreaking 11.8 GW of new solar panel manufacturing capacity came online in the US, comprising 75% of new electricity-generating capacity. The US is on track to supply 70% of its demand with 26.6 GW capacity. The solar industry showed robust growth despite challenges, with utility-scale solar leading the charge. Wood Mackenzie forecasts another 40 GW of solar installations in 2024. The US aims to double solar capacity by 2029.

VW ID.4 Lease Matches Tesla Model Y – Unbeatable Deal!

Looking for an EV lease deal? The 2024 VW ID.4's lease price now equals the Tesla Model Y at $299/month, a $98 drop. This offer lasts till July 1, with $2,999 due at signing, marking a 38% decrease in savings compared to last month. Thanks to VW’s higher lease cash in June, the ID.4 leads as the top EV lease deal. Discounts vary by trim level, with the Pro S AWD offering the biggest $12,500 discount. Time to grab the keys!

Get More Range: Lease 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning for $11 Extra

Lease the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Extended Range for just $11 more than the Standard Range model. This deal comes with up to $15,250 in savings through Ford's Red Carpet Lease Customer Cash program. Adding to the appeal are additional incentives of $2,500 for XLT and Lariat trims. Monthly costs for the Extended Range only differ by $11, despite a $15,000 higher MSRP. Act fast, as this offer applies to 2023 models and ends on July 8th. Financing options and increased mileage make this a tempting deal for EV enthusiasts.