Exclusive: Deepal S05 SUV Unveiled Ahead of Q3 Launch

Deepal's newest addition, the S05 SUV, spotted testing in China ahead of its Q3 launch. The smaller cousin of the S7, the S05 will offer electric and range extended versions. With a sleek design and advanced features like LED headlights and a choice of wheel sizes, it's set to make a splash in the market. Priced below the S7, the S05 promises to be a budget-friendly yet stylish option for buyers in the market for a new energy vehicle.

BYD CEO Claims West Fears Chinese Electric Cars

BYD's CEO accuses US and Europe of fearing Chinese EVs due to their low cost and market strength. With new tariffs imposed, BYD aims to dominate global markets with its affordable yet high-quality electric vehicles. BYD's expansion includes the introduction of new models like the Seagull and plans for further production plants in Europe. Despite challenges, BYD remains a key player in the EV market, competing with big names like Tesla and marking its territory in various countries.

Unplugged Performance Reveals Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle

Unplugged Performance transforms Tesla Cybertruck into a next-gen police vehicle with over 300 miles of range and impressive off-roading capabilities. With a starting price of $100,000, it may not attract many buyers yet, but the upcoming $80,000 base model could change that. The launch serves as great publicity for police departments considering electric options. Interested in more electric vehicle news? Follow Electrek for breaking stories on Tesla and green energy.

Zoox’s Robotaxi Revolution Hits Austin & Miami!

Zoox expands its driverless robotaxi rides to Austin and Miami, continuing its innovative approach with purpose-built EVs. Testing in these cities will provide key insights for future commercial operations, focusing on safety and efficiency. While public rides aren't imminent, residents can expect robotaxis soon. Zoox's unique technology and expansion plans position it as a leader in the autonomous vehicle industry, with more cities on the horizon for potential offerings.

Exclusive Interview: Tesla Cybertruck Raffle Winner Revealed

A lucky twist of fate lands Jacob Knight as the latest Tesla Cybertruck raffle winner. His heartwarming journey from disbelief to driving off in a tri-motor Cyberbeast is a tale of redemption and new beginnings. With family by his side, Jacob's prize arrives just in time to turn the tide on life's challenges. Dive into Jacob's own words on the surreal experience in an exclusive podcast interview. Teslas and tales of luck await in this Cybertruck saga.

Tesla v12.4 Update & EV News | Electrek Podcast

The latest Electrek Podcast covers Tesla's v12.4 update promising fewer interventions, Rivian's next-gen R1 lineup focusing on cost and driver experience, and Volkswagen's ID.7 GTX, its most powerful EV yet. Catch the show live every Friday at 4 p.m. ET on Electrek's YouTube channel. Stay informed on the latest in sustainable transport and energy. Subscribe to their podcast and support their content on Patreon for an ad-free experience and exclusive perks.

Tesla Supercharger Network Upgrades for Non-Tesla EVs

Tesla is rolling out upgrades to its supercharger network in Australia to accommodate non-Tesla EVs. With the introduction of V4 superchargers, Tesla is expanding accessibility for all electric car owners to charge on the go. Upgrades are already underway at multiple sites like Campbelltown, with longer cables to facilitate charging for non-Tesla vehicles. These upgrades aim to improve the overall EV charging experience and foster sustainability in transportation.

UN Chief Slams Fossil Fuel Ads: Time for Change!

UN Chief Antonio Guterres calls out fossil fuel industry as "Godfathers of climate chaos," demanding an end to their deceptive advertising. He warns that we're on course to exceed the Paris climate target due to reckless emissions. Guterres urges advertising companies to stop enabling planet destruction and governments to ban fossil fuel ads like tobacco promotions. Activists and journalists are praised for exposing industry deceit. It's time for a collective shift towards clean energy for a safer future.

BYD Steals Spotlight at 2024 Shenzhen Auto Show

The 28th Greater Bay Area Auto Show, known as the Shenzhen Auto Show, is a major event in the Chinese automotive industry. BYD shone bright, investing 138 million USD in their innovative pavilion featuring cutting-edge technologies like floating driving and fifth-generation DM. The event also showcased Huawei's advancements in the new energy vehicle market. Industry leaders discussed future trends, emphasizing technology and market insights. Shenzhen aims to lead globally in NEVs by 2025, reflecting China's rapid growth in the automotive sector.

Firefly Brand Launches in China, Faces Compatibility Issues

Reports indicate Nio's Firefly brand launch in China faces compatibility issues with existing swap stations due to a smaller wheelbase. Postponed until Q2 2025, Firefly targets the European market but will now debut only in China. Aimed at affordability, the brand's first model falls in the 100,000 - 200,000 yuan range. Uncertainty looms over assembly location and European launch. Investors concerned about Nio's cash burn as Firefly's battery swapping compatibility remains unclear.