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Save Big: Tesla Model Y Charging Costs Revealed!

The Tesla Model Y, America's popular EV, offers significant fuel savings, estimated at $1,200 yearly. Charging costs depend on kWh rates and locations. Home charging is cheaper, around $9.51 per full charge, compared to $14-$28 at Tesla Superchargers. In states like North Dakota, charging a Model Y at home costs $5.88 but $18.30 in California. Despite installation costs, home charging remains the most cost-effective option. Comparatively, charging a Model Y at home saves more than filling a gas car.

Customize Your 2025 Rivian R1T & R1S!

Rivian's 2025 R1T and R1S models allow for online customization with new features like LFP battery packs and a tri-motor variant. Prices start at $69,900 for the R1T and $75,900 for the R1S. Options include fancy wheels, a Darkout Package, and a Dynamic Glass Roof. A fully loaded model could cost around $109,400. Are zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds really necessary? Tell us how you'd configure yours!

Triple Renewable Energy by 2030: IEA Report Breakdown

Global renewable energy capacity is booming, with China leading the charge. Despite progress, only 14 out of 194 countries have set clear 2030 targets in line with the tripling goal. IEA's report reveals the potential for 8,000 GW of renewable capacity by 2030, but key challenges like project permits and grid infrastructure remain. Governments must act swiftly to turn promises into concrete plans to achieve the ambitious yet attainable goal.

Beware: E-Bike Stolen with Fake Movie Money!

An e-bike theft with a twist – scammers used fake movie money to steal a $4,200 electric bike via Facebook Marketplace in California. Victim fell for the deception despite the scammer acting trustworthy and asking for a test ride. The scammer fled with the bike and fake cash, leaving the victim with a hard lesson learned and a police report. Beware when buying or selling online, as scammers are finding new ways to prey on unsuspecting individuals.

Top Electric Car Charging Networks Compared

The article delves into the expanding landscape of public electric car charging networks in the U.S., highlighting key players like ChargePoint, Tesla, Electrify America, EVgo, Blink Charging, and Shell Recharge. From Level 2 to DC fast chargers, each provider offers a unique charging experience. Apps like PlugShare and ChargeHub help users locate chargers, but navigating the diverse network can be a challenge. Ultimately, the best provider depends on convenience and compatibility with your electric vehicle.

Chargefox Simplifies EV Charging with NRMA Expansion

Tired of juggling multiple EV charging apps in Australia? Chargefox simplifies the game by adding NRMA charger network to their app, allowing access to 60 more sites. No more app fatigue; just use the Chargefox app for seamless charging. Pricing is equal but unclear on membership discounts. Chargefox is open to adding more networks, a step towards smoother EV transitions. Let's hope for a clutter-free charging future.

Escape NYC Congestion Pricing: Ride E-Bikes to Save Time & Money

Avoid NYC congestion pricing by riding e-bikes to maneuver Manhattan hassle-free and cost-effectively. With the new tolls for cars entering the Congestion Relief Zone starting in June 2024, e-bikes offer a quick, eco-friendly, and exempt alternative. Zip through traffic, avoid fees, and enjoy health benefits while slashing carbon emissions. Make the switch to an e-bike for a smarter, faster, and more sustainable commute in NYC.

Discover EVs at Cars & Coffee in Boston!

Ready to geek out over electric cars in Boston this Sunday? Join Lucid's event at Natick Mall for Cars and Coffee in the morning, followed by an EV forum in the afternoon. Meet industry pros, including InsideEVs' Tom Moloughney. It's free, but space is limited, so RSVP ASAP. Get the deets for this buzzworthy event and dive into the world of EVs. Don't miss out on this electrifying opportunity! Source

VW ID.4 Winter Tire Test: A Snowy Success Story!

Driver in Vermont tests Bridgestone snow tires on their 2023 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S in snowy conditions, sharing results. The 295 hp EV's traction and handling, even in icy and slushy terrains, impressed during winter trials. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM005s' advanced features, including 3D sipes and directional tread, offered solid snow traction. Despite winter extending into spring, the tires excelled on various surfaces, providing stability and control. Click to read the full snow tire test results. Source

Unleash Adventure: Hummer EV SUV Off-Road Review

The GMC Hummer EV SUV stands out with its eye-searing design, but falls short in practicality and efficiency. Despite its staggering 830HP and off-road capabilities, it's noisy, heavy, and lacks in range. On the trails, its massive weight and width present challenges. However, its one-pedal driving and underbody shielding shine. While not the most rational choice, the Hummer EV is all about making a statement and turning heads, especially when painted in eye-catching Afterburner Tintcoat. Source