Escape Climate Fear with Kia EV9 Road Trip


The article explores the author’s journey in a Kia EV9 electric SUV with friends, aiming to escape climate fears and find hope for the future. They set out from Seattle, driving along the Olympic Coast powered by renewable energy, reflecting on how far environmental efforts have come since the city’s polluted past.

Why does it matter?

In a time where climate change fears loom large, the author, a millennial, shares common anxieties about the future. Most Americans, like the author and their transgender friends, feel the weight of environmental and societal uncertainties. Despite this, the trip signifies a glimmer of hope, showing that by choosing electric vehicles and immersing in nature, they can momentarily escape the bleak headlines and find solace in a better world.

How is it going to shape the future?

The road trip in the Kia EV9 offers a glimpse into a future where sustainable choices, like driving electric SUVs and exploring wild landscapes, can inspire hope and resilience. By demonstrating the practicality and comfort of electric vehicles, the author challenges automotive culture to align with a greener, more hopeful future. The journey highlights the importance of continued efforts towards environmental preservation, emphasizing that although challenges remain, collective action and determination can steer us towards a brighter tomorrow.