Xpeng X9 Review: Starship on Wheels Sunday China Drive

China's MPV market gets electrifying with the Xpeng X9, joining the likes of Zeekr 009 and Li Auto Mega. The X9 stands out with its sleek design, luxurious interior, and advanced tech features like the XNGP driver-assistance system. It offers a spacious cabin, innovative storage solutions, and a powerful performance with a range of 640 km. Safety features include a robust safety cage and Level 2.5 ADAS. A family-friendly starship for new adventures.

Experience the GAC Aion Hyper GT: 710km range at $28,100 in China

GAC Aion introduces its electric sedan, Hyper GT Global Model, with a 710 km range and a price tag starting at $28,100 in China. The sleek sedan boasts an 800V platform, advanced driving assistance system, self-healing paint, and an array of luxurious features. Equipped with a powerful electric motor and an 80 kWh battery pack, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The model aims to hit international markets following successful road tests in Europe and Thailand.

IM Motors to Launch New EREV SUV in 2025

IM Motors is breaking the mold in 2025 with their first EREV SUV, stepping away from their fully electric lineup. The new design, set to launch in the first quarter of 2025, will aim to challenge the Li Auto L7. Founder, Liu Tao, sees the market potential for range extender products over the next few years. Leveraging SAIC's E1 platform, IM Motors is gearing up to tap into the rapidly growing EREVs market in China. With plans to expand overseas, IM Motors might just become a global player soon.

Exclusive: Deepal S05 SUV Unveiled Ahead of Q3 Launch

Deepal's newest addition, the S05 SUV, spotted testing in China ahead of its Q3 launch. The smaller cousin of the S7, the S05 will offer electric and range extended versions. With a sleek design and advanced features like LED headlights and a choice of wheel sizes, it's set to make a splash in the market. Priced below the S7, the S05 promises to be a budget-friendly yet stylish option for buyers in the market for a new energy vehicle.

Discover China’s Electric Farm Trucks Innovation

Discover China's innovative approach to electric farm trucks, where affordable, efficient three-wheelers are transforming rural transportation. Wuzheng's factory showcases the production of these versatile vehicles, which are essential for farmers' daily tasks and have a low cost of ownership. With sturdy designs optimized for agricultural work, these electric trikes are a sustainable and practical solution for small-scale farmers, offering mobility and operational efficiency. Explore how Chinese innovation is revolutionizing farm transportation.

Tesla China-Made EV Sales Down 7% May 2024

In May 2024, Tesla Giga Shanghai's wholesale shipments of Made-in-China Model 3/Model Y cars decreased by 7% year-over-year, totaling 72,573 units. This reflects challenging market conditions and fierce competition, leading to price cuts. Despite exceeding 355,000 units in total wholesale sales this year, sales are down compared to the same period last year. The article highlights ongoing challenges faced by Tesla's China-made electric vehicle sales.

Mercedes-Benz Partners with Chinese Startup for Autonomous CLA

Mercedes-Benz teams up with Chinese startup for advanced autonomous driving tech in upcoming all-electric CLA model. The collaboration with Momenta will equip the vehicle with city pilot-assisted driving capabilities, powered by Nvidia Orin X chip. This move marks Mercedes-Benz's first use of Chinese intelligent driving solutions. The CLA targets tech-savvy consumers and aims to enhance the brand's presence in China's competitive smart driving market. The strategic partnership showcases Mercedes-Benz's commitment to accelerating its smart driving initiatives by leveraging local expertise.

Meet Luxeed S9: Huawei-Chery’s Tesla Rival!

Chery and Huawei have unveiled the Luxeed S9, a Tesla Model Y competitor priced at 41,900 – 55,200 USD. Set to enter the market in H2 2024, this SUV coupe will be available in Huawei-operated HIMA stores. Featuring advanced tech like ADS 3.0 and Xmotion 2.0 structure, it is built on Chery's E0X architecture. With a range of battery options and powertrains, the Luxeed S9 is set to shake up the electric vehicle market.

Geely’s LEVC L380 MPV Hits China, Li Mega Rival

Geely's LEVC L380 minivan, set to launch in China this month at 400,000 yuan, challenges rivals with 8-seat capacity and multiple powertrain options. Positioned for private buyers, it enters a market dominated by large electric minivans and aims to compete with the Li Mega. Standing on the SOA platform, it offers 3 powertrain choices, high safety ratings, and plans to enter the UK market in 2 years. Exciting times for Geely Group's expansion!

BYD Steals Spotlight at 2024 Shenzhen Auto Show

The 28th Greater Bay Area Auto Show, known as the Shenzhen Auto Show, is a major event in the Chinese automotive industry. BYD shone bright, investing 138 million USD in their innovative pavilion featuring cutting-edge technologies like floating driving and fifth-generation DM. The event also showcased Huawei's advancements in the new energy vehicle market. Industry leaders discussed future trends, emphasizing technology and market insights. Shenzhen aims to lead globally in NEVs by 2025, reflecting China's rapid growth in the automotive sector.