New Jiyue 07 EV Hits Dealers With High Expectations

Good news for car enthusiasts! The Jiyue 07 EV, the latest addition from Geely’s joint venture with Baidu, has finally arrived at dealerships in China. This electric liftback is set to be the brand’s savior as its previous model, the Jiyue 01 SUV, struggled with lackluster sales since its launch.


Jiyue, formerly known as Jidu, was established in 2021 as a collaboration between Geely and Baidu. Geely now holds 65% of the joint venture, with Baidu owning the remainder. While Geely focuses on the manufacturing aspect, Baidu takes charge of the software.

The Jiyue 07 liftback, following the Jiyue 01 SUV, is the brand’s hope for redemption. With the Jiyue 07 now at dealerships, prospective buyers can expect a sleek design and innovative features such as a steering yoke and Qualcomm-powered entertainment system.

Why does it matter?

Despite facing tough competition in the Chinese market, the Jiyue 07 boasts impressive specifications, including three powertrain variants offering different ranges. Its aerodynamic design has earned it prestigious design awards and positions it among other well-known electric car brands.

With an expected starting price of around 200,000 yuan (27,500 USD), the Jiyue 07 aims to attract buyers with its competitive pricing. However, the brand’s lack of recognition may pose a challenge in capturing a significant market share compared to more established competitors.

How is it going to shape the future?

The arrival of the Jiyue 07 signals a new chapter for the brand, with hopes of turning its sales performance around. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, the success of the Jiyue 07 could pave the way for Jiyue to establish itself as a notable player in the industry.

Overall, the Jiyue 07’s debut brings anticipation and excitement to the market, offering consumers a fresh option in the electric car segment. As the brand strives to gain traction and build credibility, only time will tell if the Jiyue 07 can live up to expectations and make a mark in the competitive automotive landscape.