Avatr 07 SUV: Futuristic Interior Unveiled, Spaceship Vibes Await!


Avatr recently unveiled the official interior pictures of the upcoming Avatr 07 SUV, sparking comparisons to a spaceship cockpit among Chinese Internet users. With a focus on symmetry and a high-tech look, the Avatr 07’s interior stands out from its predecessor, the Avatr 12, thanks to enhanced detailing. Featuring a brown color scheme with golden accents, the interior boasts a floating central infotainment screen and a wrap-around screen at the back of the dashboard. Instead of traditional mirrors, the Avatr 07 is equipped with side view camera screens.

Why Does It Matter?

The Avatr 07’s interior is designed for both style and functionality, offering dual wireless phone charging pads, twin drink holders with covers, and a high level of tech integration. Controlled by Huawei’s HarmonyOS, the cockpit is button-free, relying on touchscreens and voice commands for operation. The sound system, rumored to be from a renowned British producer, is expected to feature around 25 speakers, ensuring a premium audio experience for passengers. Additionally, the SUV will be available in fully electric and range-extended models, with various motor options catering to different driving preferences.

How is It Going to Shape the Future?

Anticipated for a third-quarter launch, the Avatr 07 represents a blend of innovation and luxury in the SUV market. By incorporating advanced technology, spacious seating with adjustable features, and eco-friendly powertrain options, Avatr is setting a new standard for futuristic automotive design. With its sleek interior and cutting-edge features, the Avatr 07 is poised to offer a unique driving experience that merges style, comfort, and performance, setting a new benchmark for SUVs in the market.