Innovative Cityshuttle ePack4: Electric Six-Wheeled Cargo Revolution


Cargo e-bikes are stepping up their game, and the Cityshuttle ePack4 is leading the revolution with its six-wheeled design. This electric cargo bike, resembling a mini semi-truck, aims to replace trucks and vans for city deliveries. It features innovative suspension, a unique drivetrain system, and four cubic meters of cargo space capable of carrying up to 771 pounds. The ePack4 also offers various trailer options, including a refrigerated trailer, catering to different delivery needs.

Why does it matter?

As cities strive to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, the rise of electric cargo bikes presents a viable solution. The Cityshuttle ePack4’s efficient design allows it to navigate bike lanes legally, offering a green and practical alternative to traditional delivery vehicles. With features like GPS tracking, remote fleet management, and a live CCTV feed, it caters to the demands of delivery businesses and courier services. The ePack4’s versatility and eco-friendly nature make it a promising contender in the last-mile logistics sector.

How is it going to shape the future?

The Cityshuttle ePack4 symbolizes the evolving landscape of urban transportation and delivery services. Its innovative approach to cargo hauling not only promotes sustainability but also addresses the growing need for efficient last-mile deliveries. By offering a range of trailer options and focusing on market expansion in the UK and Europe, Cityshuttle aims to establish itself as a leading manufacturer in the electric cargo bike industry. With plans for increased production volume in the coming years, the ePack4 sets the stage for a greener, more convenient future in urban logistics.