BYD BD11 Double-Decker: London’s Electric Bus Revolution!

BYD BD11 Double-Decker: London’s Electric Bus Revolution!


BYD is poised to potentially replace London’s New Routemaster bus with its BD11 double-decker electric bus, featuring a 532 kWh Blade battery, promising a range of 640 kilometers. The bus boasts energy-efficient features such as a 0.9 miles per kWh consumption rate and a chassis-integrated battery that reduces weight and improves passenger capacity. Go-Ahead Group may order 100 of these buses at a cost of £400,000 each, significantly cheaper than UK rivals, with production taking place in China.

Why does it matter?

The BD11 aims to address London’s public transport needs by offering an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. With the electric bus market gaining momentum globally, BYD’s innovation aligns with Transport for London’s goal of transitioning to an all-electric bus fleet by 2030. The partnership dissolution between BYD and Alexander Dennis signals a shift towards independent production, with BYD emphasizing sourcing 34% of the bus’s components from Europe.

How is it going to shape the future?

As London moves towards sustainable urban transportation, the introduction of BYD’s electric buses could set a precedent for cleaner, more efficient public transit systems worldwide. The BD11’s advanced technology, coupled with its potential for various configurations including single-decker and provincial double-decker versions, paves the way for a versatile and eco-friendly future of public transportation in major cities. While BYD appears to lead the race for London’s electric bus fleet, evolving political dynamics could influence the final decision and the overall composition of the future bus fleet landscape.

Source: Autocar, City AM, Route One