Unplugged Performance Reveals Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle

Unplugged Performance has made quite the splash by unveiling their new Cybertruck police vehicle. The renowned Tesla tuner has established itself as a leader in enhancing Tesla vehicles’ performance and aerodynamics. With the launch of their Up.Fit division, they are now converting Tesla vehicles into police cruisers, expanding their portfolio beyond just aesthetic upgrades.


Unplugged Performance has recently revealed their Cybertruck police vehicle, designed for duty with enhanced tactical response, patrol, and fire capabilities. This next-generation patrol vehicle boasts over 300 miles of range, off-roading capabilities, a 48-volt system, and more, making it a formidable option for law enforcement agencies looking to electrify their fleets.

Why does it matter?

While the Cybertruck police vehicle exudes a certain cool factor, its hefty price tag starting at $100,000 may deter potential buyers. However, with the base Cybertruck priced at $80,000 slated for release, there could be increased interest from police departments seeking more affordable electric patrol options. Unplugged’s initiative could spur more law enforcement agencies to consider electric vehicles and explore cost-effective solutions to make the shift.

How is it going to shape the future?

The unveiling of the Cybertruck police vehicle not only showcases Unplugged Performance’s innovation but also serves as a catalyst for promoting electric vehicles within law enforcement. By offering a duty-ready electric patrol vehicle with impressive capabilities, Unplugged is paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in policing. The publicity generated by this unveiling could encourage more police departments to explore electric options and engage with Unplugged’s UpFit division to learn more about electrifying their fleets.

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, initiatives like the Cybertruck police vehicle highlight the potential for electric vehicles to revolutionize traditional industries such as law enforcement. Unplugged Performance’s daring move may just be the push needed to accelerate the adoption of electric patrol vehicles and shape the future of policing towards a greener, more efficient direction.