Score a ‘Dead’ Tesla Model S for Only $10,100


The Tesla Model S, once a top-selling electric vehicle, is now overshadowed by newer models. However, YouTuber Samcrac snagged a “dead” Model S P90D at an auction for a mere $10,100. Despite its initial status, the car proved to be in good condition once brought back to life.

Why does it matter?

This story highlights the incredible value of purchasing an older Tesla Model S. While newer models boast advanced features, older versions still offer impressive performance and usability, especially considering their reduced prices. Samcrac’s purchase demonstrates that with a little TLC, even a seemingly defunct vehicle can be revived to its former glory.

How is it going to shape the future?

The affordability and resilience of older Tesla Model S cars showcase the longevity and quality of electric vehicles. By showcasing the potential in these used vehicles, this story may inspire more people to consider purchasing a pre-owned electric car, contributing to a more sustainable future and showcasing the lasting impact of Tesla’s innovation in the automotive industry.