Revolutionizing Off-Road Adventures: Polaris Unveils Free EV Charging Network

Polaris has made a groundbreaking move in the world of off-road adventures by launching a first-of-its-kind free EV charging network in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This innovative network covers approximately 100 miles of scenic off-road trails and features four charging stations equipped with cutting-edge technology developed in partnership with Yotta Energy. This development comes after Polaris received a grant from the Michigan Office of Future Mobility & Electrification to establish the off-road charging network, demonstrating a significant step towards modernizing the state’s mobility offerings.


The new off-road charging network by Polaris spans 100 miles of trails in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, featuring four charging stations with Yotta Energy’s REV technology. These stations offer both on-grid and off-grid capabilities, making them ideal for remote locations. Polaris has also launched the nation’s first all-electric off-road vehicle rental fleet, allowing customers to explore the Pioneer ORV Trail with the latest electric vehicles.

Why does it matter?

Polaris’ initiative to introduce an electric off-road charging network and rental fleet marks a significant shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly off-road experiences. By incorporating electric drive technology into their off-road vehicles, Polaris aims to enhance the riding experience with benefits like improved acceleration, quieter operations, and zero emissions. The free charging stations provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for EV owners exploring remote areas, supporting the growth of a reliable EV charging infrastructure.

How is it going to shape the future?

The launch of Polaris’ off-road charging network and all-electric rental fleet sets a new standard for sustainable off-road adventures. By encouraging the switch to electric drive in the off-road powersports industry, Polaris is leading the way in promoting environmentally conscious practices. These charging networks not only offer convenient “re-fueling” opportunities for EV owners but also contribute to reducing noise and air pollution in natural landscapes. This move towards electrification in off-road vehicles signifies a positive shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for outdoor recreation.

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, innovations like Polaris’ off-road charging network are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in the powersports industry.