Porsche Cayenne EV Testing: A Bold Big Brother!


A new all-electric Porsche is making waves as the Porsche Cayenne EV was recently spotted testing in the Alps, hinting at a larger and bolder sibling to the Macan EV. The electric SUV, set to be Porsche’s fourth EV offering, closely resembles the Macan EV in design, showcasing impressive performance during rigorous testing, including towing trailers and navigating sharp corners.

Why does it matter?

Porsche’s venture into the electric vehicle market is gaining momentum, following the success of the Taycan and the recent introduction of the Macan EV. With the upcoming Cayenne EV, Porsche continues to blend performance and sustainability, offering luxury electric vehicles with significant power and range capabilities. The anticipated Cayenne EV is expected to share the PPE platform with the Macan EV, aligning with Porsche’s commitment to electrification across its lineup.

The sighting of the Cayenne EV prototype underscores Porsche’s dedication to expanding its electric vehicle portfolio, with future plans to introduce an electric 718 model before 2024 and an ultra-luxury electric SUV positioned above the Cayenne. By aiming for 80% of deliveries to be electric by 2030, Porsche is setting a bold vision for its electrified future in the automotive industry.

How is it going to shape the future?

The emergence of the Porsche Cayenne EV signifies the luxury automaker’s ongoing evolution towards electrification, offering customers high-performance electric SUV options within its lineup. By investing in electric vehicle technology and committing to a substantial electric vehicle delivery target by 2030, Porsche is paving the way for a more sustainable and innovative future in the automotive sector. With each new electric model, Porsche is not only meeting market demands but also setting new standards for performance and design in the electric vehicle landscape.