VW ID.4 Lease Matches Tesla Model Y – Unbeatable Deal!

The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 lease price is creating waves by matching that of the Tesla Model Y, reports CarsDirect. With a significant drop in monthly payments, leasing the ID.4 now costs as low as $299 per month, aligning perfectly with the Model Y. This attractive offer runs until July 1, with a down payment of $2,999 for a 36-month lease period, based on an MSRP of $39,735. Just a month ago, the ID.4 required a higher monthly payment and additional signing fees, making this current deal a 38% increase in savings. The effective cost now stands at $382 per month nationwide, down from $480, resulting in substantial savings of $98 each month and positioning the ID.4 as a top contender for the best EV lease deals.


The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 lease price has been slashed to $299 per month, aligning it with the Tesla Model Y’s leasing cost. This offer, valid until July 1, includes a down payment of $2,999 for a 36-month lease period and marks a significant savings increase compared to previous pricing.

Why Does It Matter?

These price adjustments make the ID.4 an extremely competitive option in the EV market, putting it on par with the highly sought-after Tesla Model Y. With an effective monthly cost of $382, down from $480, this lease deal offers substantial savings to potential EV drivers.

How Is It Going to Shape the Future?

By offering the 2024 ID.4 at such an attractive price point, Volkswagen is making EV ownership more accessible and appealing to consumers. This move could potentially influence other automakers to adjust their pricing strategies to remain competitive in the growing EV market.

Volkswagen’s latest price drop on the ID.4 lease signifies a strategic move to capture a larger share of the EV market and entice more customers to make the switch to electric vehicles. As the demand for EVs continues to rise, competitive pricing and attractive lease deals are key factors driving consumer decisions. If you’ve been eyeing an EV, now might be the perfect time to take advantage of this unbeatable offer on the Volkswagen ID.4.