Tesla’s Cybertruck Easter Egg Tribute to Sandy Munro


Tesla engineers paid a special tribute to automotive manufacturing consultant Sandy Munro by hiding a “Hi Sandy!” easter egg on one of the Cybertruck’s circuit boards. Munro, known for his expertise in analyzing car components and technology, discovered the hidden message, showcasing the close connection between him and Tesla.

Why does it matter?

Sandy Munro’s company, Munro and Associates, is renowned for dismantling new car models, analyzing their components, and selling research to companies. Munro’s admiration for Tesla’s technology was first noted in 2018 when he dissected a Tesla Model 3 on Autoline After Hours, uncovering the innovation within. His insights and discoveries have made him a prominent figure in the Tesla community.

As a Tesla evangelist, Munro has highlighted Tesla’s engineering marvels, such as the Superbottle cooling system, which he showcased on his YouTube channel. The inclusion of his name as an easter egg on the Cybertruck symbolizes the mutual respect between Munro and Tesla’s engineering team. This gesture reflects Tesla’s reputation for not only leading the electric vehicle market but also inspiring future engineers.

How is it going to shape the future?

The Cybertruck easter egg tribute to Sandy Munro exemplifies Tesla’s culture of appreciation for industry experts and innovative thinkers. By recognizing Munro’s contributions, Tesla reinforces its reputation as a forward-thinking and collaborative company that values expertise and creativity. This act of acknowledgment not only honors Sandy Munro’s legacy but also inspires new generations of engineers to strive for excellence in the world of automotive technology and beyond.