Verge Motorcycles Innovates with US Retail Stores


Finnish electric motorcycle company, Verge Motorcycles, is making waves by venturing into the US market with the opening of their first two retail stores in California. This move comes after the success of their innovative TS electric motorcycle, known for its unique hubless rear wheel design. Spearheaded by retail expert George Blankenship, who played key roles in the success of Apple and Tesla, Verge is strategically positioning its stores in high-traffic areas to attract a wide range of customers, including tech enthusiasts.

Why does it matter?

The expansion of Verge Motorcycles into the US market signifies a significant step in the electric motorcycle industry, as the company aims to redefine the traditional retail experience for EVs. By leveraging Blankenship’s expertise and choosing prime locations for their stores, Verge is poised to reach a broader audience and establish a strong presence in a competitive market. Additionally, by offering electric motorcycles that can be charged using Tesla’s NACA connector, Verge is aligning itself with the existing infrastructure in California, making it more convenient for potential customers to adopt their products.

How is it going to shape the future?

Verge’s foray into the US market and the introduction of their retail stores mark the beginning of a new chapter for the company as they continue to push boundaries in electric motorcycle technology. With upcoming innovations such as the Starmatter platform with advanced safety features and the integration of cameras and radar sensors in their TS Ultra model, Verge is setting a high standard for innovation in the industry. The strategic move to showcase their products at prominent events like the LA Auto Show and CES reflects Verge’s commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of electric motorcycles.

In conclusion, Verge Motorcycles’ strategic expansion into the US market with the opening of retail stores signifies a significant milestone for the company and the electric motorcycle industry as a whole. By combining innovative technology with strategic retail positioning, Verge is poised to make a lasting impact and redefine the future of electric mobility.