Kia Unveils EV3: Order Now at $30,700!

Kia has officially launched its newest electric car, the EV3, with orders now open in Korea starting at $30,700. The EV3 marks Kia’s third electric vehicle and the first in its affordable lineup, promising a unique identity within the segment.


The EV3, unveiled during Kia’s first annual EV Day in October, features a refreshed design inspired by Kia’s flagship EV9. It boasts a distinctive “Tiger Face” grille, signaling a shift in Kia’s electric vehicle branding. The interior is packed with cutting-edge technology, including the Connected Car Navigation Cockpit infotainment system with dual 12.3″ screens and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Why does it matter?

With a starting price of $30,700, Kia aims to attract customers considering electric vehicles by offering a competitively priced option. The rollout of the EV3 follows Kia’s successful launches of the EV6 and EV9, solidifying its position as a key player in the electric vehicle market. Kia’s focus on affordability and innovation is set to reshape the landscape of electric car offerings, making eco-friendly driving more accessible to a broader audience.

How is it going to shape the future?

After opening orders in Korea, Kia’s EV3 is expected to drive significant growth in the electric vehicle market. The range of trim options, including the Earth, GT Line, and Long Range models, provides consumers with diverse choices to suit their preferences and needs. With plans to expand sales nationwide in July, Kia anticipates a surge in demand for the EV3, particularly with anticipated price drops post-government certification.

Powered by Hyundai’s E-GMP platform and advanced battery technology, the EV3 offers impressive driving ranges of up to 311 miles for the Long Range model. The introduction of the new “e-Life Package” further enhances the ownership experience by offering comprehensive vehicle care and charging solutions. As Kia gears up to launch the EV4 next year, the electric vehicle market is poised for further disruption with Kia’s commitment to delivering innovative, affordable electric mobility solutions.

In conclusion, Kia’s EV3 represents a significant step towards making electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to a wider audience, setting the stage for a future where eco-conscious driving is not only sustainable but also stylish and affordable.