Kempower Opens US Factory for EV Chargers

Kempower, the Finnish EV charger manufacturer, has expanded its reach by inaugurating its first US DC fast charger factory in Durham, North Carolina. The new 14,000-square-meter facility marks Kempower’s fourth factory globally, following the success of its three factories in Lahti, Finland. The factory is set to cater to the US and Canadian markets by producing DC fast chargers for electric cars, trucks, and buses.


In its initial phase, the factory will focus on manufacturing NEVI-compliant Kempower Satellite charging systems, equipped with CCS, NACS, and CHAdeMO connectors. Kempower prides itself on the reliability of its chargers, boasting a delivery rate exceeding 90% and charger uptime of over 99%. The decision to establish the factory in Durham was influenced by various factors, including the region’s tech-friendly environment, state incentives, sustainability initiatives, time zone advantages, and the availability of skilled labor.

Why does it matter?

Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina commended Kempower’s investment in the region, hailing the facility as a symbol of progress and collaboration between public policy, private innovation, and community support. The development is anticipated to create approximately 300 job opportunities and inject over $700 million into North Carolina’s economy over the next decade. This strategic move not only reinforces Kempower’s commitment to the EV infrastructure but also underscores the growing significance of sustainable transportation solutions in the US market.

How is it going to shape the future?

As electric vehicles continue to gain traction globally, the establishment of Kempower’s factory in North Carolina signifies a step towards enhancing EV charging infrastructure in the US. By offering efficient, reliable charging solutions for a range of electric vehicles, Kempower aims to contribute to the mainstream adoption of sustainable transportation. The company’s investment in the region not only brings economic benefits but also aligns with the broader shift towards cleaner, greener mobility solutions.

In conclusion, Kempower’s foray into the US market with its new DC fast charger factory highlights the accelerating momentum of electric vehicles and the crucial role of infrastructure development in shaping a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.