Factorial’s Solid-State Cells Power Mercedes-Benz EV Innovation

Factorial Inc. is making waves in the electric vehicle industry by delivering its advanced solid-state battery cells to Mercedes-Benz for validation in future EV models. The collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating Factorial’s cutting-edge technology into passenger vehicles, showcasing the ongoing innovation in the realm of sustainable transportation.


Factorial Inc. has progressed from sending A-samples to automotive partners to now providing energy-dense B-samples to Mercedes-Benz, as part of a joint development agreement. This move underscores Factorial’s dedication to advancing solid-state battery technology for electric vehicle applications. The solid-state cells, including the 100 Amp-hour Factorial Electrolyte System Technology (FEST), offer high energy density and compatibility with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment, streamlining their integration into next-generation EVs.

Why does it matter?

Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront of validating Factorial’s solid-state cells, with a focus on enhancing range, performance, and overall vehicle costs for future electric vehicle offerings. The successful delivery of B-sample solid-state battery cells signifies a significant achievement, positioning Factorial as a key player in providing advanced technology to leading automakers exploring next-gen batteries. The collaboration between Factorial and Mercedes-Benz highlights a strategic partnership aimed at driving innovation in battery technologies to meet the evolving demands of electric vehicles.

How is it going to shape the future?

With Mercedes integrating the B-sample solid-state cells into EV modules and battery packs for testing and optimization, there is a clear pathway towards incorporating this technology into consumer vehicles. The commitment to accelerating the adoption of solid-state batteries aligns with the industry’s shift towards more efficient and sustainable electric vehicles. Factorial’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz sets a precedent for future partnerships and advancements in battery technology, paving the way for environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

As Factorial continues to expand its development and production capabilities, in partnership with notable automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz, the future looks promising for the integration of solid-state battery technology in mainstream electric vehicles. The ongoing efforts to validate and scale the production of these advanced cells signal a transformative shift towards greener, more cost-effective, and high-performance electric vehicles that could shape the future of transportation.