Origin’s Breakthrough: Tesla Owners Get Cheaper Automated Charging

Australian energy giant Origin has introduced a game-changing service for Tesla owners through its new smartphone app feature, EV Power Up. This innovative tariff allows Tesla drivers to charge their vehicles for a mere 8c per kWh, strategically avoiding peak energy usage times. By simply plugging in their cars at home and setting a desired charging time, users can save up to $452 annually, making the transition to an environmentally friendly vehicle more financially appealing. Origin plans to expand this service to accommodate other electric vehicle (EV) models in the near future, aiming to revolutionize EV charging in Australia and provide exceptional value and convenience to customers. The move towards automated and cost-effective home charging not only benefits individual consumers but also contributes to the larger goal of integrating EV batteries into the energy grid intelligently as EV adoption continues to rise nationwide. In collaboration with leading journalist Joshua S. Hill, Origin’s EV Power Up marks a significant milestone in the convergence of sustainable technology and consumer convenience, setting a precedent for the future of electric vehicle charging solutions in Australia.