Geely & Meizu Transforming In-Car Audio with AI


Meizu, under the control of Geely, has introduced the “Galaxy Flyme Auto” intelligent cockpit system and the “Flyme Sound Limitless Voice” AI-powered sound system to revolutionize the in-car audio experience in China. These innovations aim to set new standards for in-car entertainment by providing seamless connectivity between smartphones and vehicles, offering features like keyless entry, navigation handover, and cross-platform app integration.

Why does it matter?

The Galaxy Flyme Auto, fueled by Geely’s custom “Dragon Eagle 1” 7nm automotive-grade cockpit chip, offers unparalleled computing power and graphics rendering capabilities. This chip supports high-definition video playback and various AI-driven applications, surpassing the AI performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8155 chip. Alongside, the “Flyme Sound Limitless Voice” introduces an industry-first 9.1.6-channel AI-powered sound system with advanced AI algorithms to optimize the sound field, personalize sound preferences for passengers, and recreate the ambiance of different venues. Geely’s focus on NVH tuning, noise cancellation, and dynamic ambient lighting creates a serene cabin environment.

How is it going to shape the future?

These advancements in in-car audio technology from Meizu and Geely signal a potential shift towards AI-driven enhancements in high-tech cars. The integration of the Galaxy Flyme Auto and Flyme Sound Limitless Voice into Geely’s upcoming Galaxy E5 and other new models will cater to the evolving demands of smart car consumers by offering a personalized audio-visual experience. By leveraging the power of AI, connectivity, and immersive audio content, Geely and Meizu are paving the way for a new era of in-car entertainment that prioritizes seamless integration and enhanced user experiences.