Tesla’s Critical Full Self-Driving Update Delayed: What’s Happening?


Tesla’s highly anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) update, v12.4, is running behind schedule, causing a stir among customers and fans. Elon Musk had initially hinted at its release in the first week of May, yet here we are in June with no sign of the update hitting the customer fleet. The update is considered critical as it promises advanced features like driving without nagging for steering wheel input and increased intervention-free mileage.

Why does it matter?

The delay in releasing v12.4 has raised questions about the progress of Tesla’s FSD technology. While Musk’s ambitious promises have often fallen short in the past, the integration of neural networks and enhanced computing power has instilled hope in some observers. However, the beta testing phase for FSD updates has historically been a mix of advancements and setbacks, leaving the community uncertain about what to expect.

Reports suggest that the update has been stuck in internal testing for over two weeks, with one Reddit user claiming to have received the v12.4 update, only to encounter significant bugs necessitating constant intervention. As Musk teases the possibility of v12.5 by the end of June, the road ahead for Tesla’s FSD remains unclear. Observers, including Electrek, have been eagerly awaiting tangible improvements in FSD capabilities, hoping for a leap towards near-perfect reliability.

How is it going to shape the future?

The delay in Tesla’s critical FSD update could impact the company’s timeline for achieving fully autonomous driving. As enthusiasts speculate on the potential of neural networks and increased computing power, the real-world performance of these technologies remains uncertain. With each delay and setback, the narrative around Tesla’s FSD program becomes more nuanced, prompting a reevaluation of expectations and timelines for achieving near-perfect reliability.

In conclusion, the saga of Tesla’s FSD updates continues to captivate both supporters and skeptics, underscoring the challenges and complexities of developing self-driving technology. As the wait for v12.4 prolongs and discussions about v12.5 emerge, the future trajectory of Tesla’s autonomous driving ambitions hangs in the balance, inviting a mix of anticipation and caution from observers in the electric vehicle and green energy space.