Survey: Americans Prefer ICE & Hybrids Over EVs


A recent survey conducted by KPMG reveals that most American car buyers still prefer traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles or hybrids over electric vehicles (EVs). The survey compiled responses from 1,100 adults nationwide, highlighting that only 20% of respondents would opt for an electric car, while 38% would choose a pure combustion vehicle and 34% would prefer a hybrid. One of the main reasons cited for this preference is the perception that EV charging times are too lengthy.

Why does it matter?

The survey sheds light on the challenges facing the widespread adoption of EVs in the US, despite automakers’ push for electrification. The lack of affordable EV models in the market is highlighted as a key factor influencing consumer preferences, with respondents indicating a willingness to consider EVs if more budget-friendly options were available. In contrast, the Chinese market’s success in EV adoption is attributed to a wider selection of affordable electric models, leading to a quicker transition from combustion to electric vehicles.

How is it going to shape the future?

The survey results underscore the need for greater accessibility and affordability of EVs in the American market to accelerate the shift towards sustainable transportation. Addressing concerns such as charging infrastructure and upfront costs could help broaden consumer acceptance of electric vehicles. As technologies continue to evolve and more affordable EV models enter the market, there is potential for a significant transformation in car-buying preferences, aligning with the global trend towards cleaner and greener transportation options.