Nio Revamps Sub-brand Onvo for Business Growth


Nio has made significant organizational changes, specifically involving its sub-brand Onvo, to enhance business and organizational development. The company renamed several units known as “Strategic New Businesses” and created 16 regional companies under the Onvo unit. The Onvo division, previously known as Strategic New Business I, now focuses on promoting the Onvo brand, managing stores, and driving sales results in different regions. These changes aim to streamline operations and strengthen the branding and sales strategies of the electric vehicle (EV) maker.

Why does it matter?

The restructuring signifies Nio’s commitment to adapting to market demands and optimizing its business structure for growth. By decentralizing responsibilities to the regional level through the establishment of Onvo’s regional companies, Nio aims to enhance customer engagement, expand market reach, and drive sales performance. The launch of the Onvo sub-brand, with its first model, the L60, at a competitive price compared to Tesla’s Model Y, indicates Nio’s strategic positioning in the EV market and its focus on capturing a larger market share.

How is it going to shape the future?

Nio’s organizational changes and the launch of the Onvo sub-brand set the stage for potential business growth and increased profitability. With planned expansions and upcoming models in the pipeline, such as an SUV targeting larger families, Nio anticipates positive contributions to its financials from the Onvo brand once it achieves a monthly sales target of 20,000 units. The restructured business units, particularly the Onvo division, are poised to play a crucial role in Nio’s overall business strategy and market positioning moving forward, shaping the company’s future trajectory in the competitive EV industry.