Gotion Expands: Energy Storage Plants in Spain

Gotion, the Volkswagen-backed Chinese battery giant, is set to make waves in Spain’s energy sector with plans to establish energy storage plants in the country. In collaboration with Spain’s Phi4Tech Technology Group and the UAE’s Unicorn RE, Gotion aims to delve into energy storage and new material development in Europe. This strategic partnership signifies Gotion’s strategic move to expand its presence in international markets and open up new growth opportunities in the European energy storage market.


Gotion recently inked a cooperation agreement with Phi4Tech and Unicorn RE to jointly work on energy storage projects and develop new materials in Spain. The partnership will focus on a wide range of initiatives, spanning from new materials to final energy solutions, with an emphasis on building energy storage plants in Spain in the coming years.

Why does it matter?

This collaboration is poised to not only bolster Gotion’s position in the European energy storage market but also create new pathways for advancing new energy chains in southern Europe. With Phi4Tech’s expertise in energy technology and Unicorn RE’s resources in the UAE and Europe, Gotion is well-equipped to penetrate the Spanish market and drive innovation in the energy sector.

How is it going to shape the future?

As one of the world’s leading battery makers, Gotion’s foray into Spain represents a significant step towards establishing a stronger foothold in Europe. By expanding its reach through strategic partnerships and investments, such as acquiring a stake in European battery maker InoBat AS, Gotion is paving the way for a more localized and sustainable battery value chain across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This move not only highlights Gotion’s commitment to green battery materials but also showcases its dedication to innovation and growth in the global energy storage industry.