Exclusive: Luxeed S9, Huawei’s New Sporty SUV Unveiled


Spy shots of Luxeed’s newest model, the S9, a sporty crossover SUV created through a partnership between Chery and Huawei, have surfaced. The Luxeed S9 bears some resemblance to the Nio ET9 but stands out with unique design elements such as three-lens headlights, frameless doors, and a lidar unit on the roof. The interior features a modern double-layer layout, an LCD instrument screen, and face recognition technology. While details on the powertrain are scarce, it is anticipated to include a Huawei motor system and an 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform.

Why does it matter?

Luxeed’s expansion into the automotive market, supported by the sales network of Huawei, signifies a new player in the highly competitive SUV segment. The S9’s distinctive design cues and advanced technology hint at a promising entry into the market. With the potential for single and dual-motor versions and high power outputs comparable to the current S7 model, the S9 aims to deliver a blend of performance and innovation to consumers.

How is it going to shape the future?

The launch of Luxeed’s S9 not only adds to Huawei’s growing automotive portfolio but also enhances the brand’s reputation for cutting-edge technology integration. As the automotive industry shifts towards electrification and smart features, the S9’s anticipated powertrain and advanced platform set a precedent for future models. By leveraging partnerships and pushing boundaries in design and functionality, Luxeed and Huawei aim to carve a unique niche in the evolving SUV market, setting the stage for further innovation and competition in the sector.