5B Maverick: Modular Solar Array Resists 166mph Winds

5B, an Australian company, has introduced the innovative Maverick modular solar array that can withstand wind speeds of up to 166 mph. This accordion-style solar array is designed to endure extreme weather conditions, making it a game-changer for regions prone to hurricanes like Puerto Rico. The company has secured a substantial contract with US power utility AES Corporation to deploy these solar arrays in Jobos, Puerto Rico, along with 100 MW of battery energy storage. The 5B Maverick arrays are prefabricated, pre-wired, and can be rapidly deployed, ideal for various applications including off-grid and industrial settings.


The 5B Maverick modular solar array is a cutting-edge solution that offers high energy yield and resilience in harsh environments. Comprising up to 90 solar modules mounted on hinged racks, these arrays are quick to set up with minimal labor required. The ability to withstand extreme winds and be easily relocated makes them a versatile option for utility-scale solar projects.

Why does it matter?

The deployment of the 5B Maverick arrays in hurricane-prone Puerto Rico marks a significant step towards accelerating solar energy adoption in the region. With traditional solar deployment facing challenges such as bureaucratic delays and infrastructure rebuilding, the innovative design of these modular arrays can streamline the process and help meet the growing energy needs.

How is it going to shape the future?

By offering a robust and efficient solar solution, 5B’s Maverick arrays have the potential to revolutionize utility-scale solar deployment, especially in regions vulnerable to extreme weather events. The compact design and high energy density of these arrays not only maximize energy production but also address key issues faced by the industry, such as labor costs and land utilization.

In a world where climate adaptation and renewable energy are becoming increasingly crucial, innovative technologies like the 5B Maverick modular solar array pave the way for a more sustainable future. With the ability to withstand extreme conditions, generate high energy yields, and simplify deployment processes, these modular solar arrays are poised to drive positive change in the renewable energy landscape.

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