Zeekr SUV & Hatchback Earn 5-Star Safety Rating

Australian-bound EV brand Zeekr has proven its commitment to safety by achieving a remarkable 5-star rating for both its models – the Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X – from the European NCAP safety agency. The vehicles underwent testing based on the more stringent 2024 assessment protocols, surpassing expectations by scoring high in various safety categories. The Zeekr X, an SUV, excelled with outstanding ratings of 91% for Adult Occupant protection, 90% for Child Occupant protection, 84% for Vulnerable Road Users protection, and 83% for Safety Assist features.

This achievement places the Zeekr X in an elite category, matching its safety prowess with impressive Green NCAP ratings, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. Priced competitively at €44,990 in Europe, the Zeekr X presents a compelling option for consumers seeking a safe and eco-conscious driving experience.

Similarly, the Zeekr 001, classified as an “executive car,” also secured a 5-star rating from both Euro NCAP and Green NCAP, with strong performance across all safety categories. Priced higher at €59,990 in Germany due to its premium features, the Zeekr 001 offers a luxurious yet safety-focused driving experience.

Dr. Michiel van Ratingen of EuroNCAP commended Zeekr for its dedication to producing vehicles that excel in safety and environmental performance. The brand’s emphasis on safety and sustainability has positioned it as a promising player in the European electric vehicle market.

While the availability of Zeekr models in Australia has yet to be officially announced, the brand’s commitment to safety and environmental responsibility suggests that Australian consumers can look forward to having access to these top-rated EVs in the near future. The positive reception of Zeekr’s models in Europe sets a high bar for the brand’s potential entry into the Australian market, offering consumers a wider range of quality EV choices.

With Zeekr prioritizing safety and sustainability in its vehicle design, consumers can anticipate a new standard of excellence in the EV market. As the automotive industry continues to embrace electric vehicles, Zeekr’s emphasis on safety and environmental performance positions the brand as a formidable contender in the global EV landscape, promising innovation and reliability for environmentally-conscious drivers.

Riz Akhtar, the founder of carloop, based in Melbourne, underscores the importance of sustainable transport solutions and the role of EVs in reducing emissions. His passion for EVs aligns with Zeekr’s mission, highlighting the ongoing shift towards cleaner, safer, and more sustainable transportation options.