Tesla Accelerates Model 3 Performance Sales in China


Tesla has officially started selling the updated Model 3 Performance in China, retaining the initial price from pre-sales at RMB 335,900 ($46,380) but advancing the delivery timeline to mid-June. This move comes after Tesla’s listing of the model on its Chinese website and the commencement of pre-sales in late April. Chinese customers can now order the Model 3 Performance with deliveries expected within 3-6 weeks.

Why does it matter?

The acceleration of Model 3 Performance sales in China signifies Tesla’s commitment to meet growing demand and streamline its production and delivery processes. By moving up the delivery date to mid-June and maintaining the pre-sale price, Tesla is aiming to attract more customers and establish a stronger presence in the Chinese electric vehicle market. The availability of the updated Model 3 Performance, with enhanced features and performance capabilities, offers Chinese consumers a compelling option in the EV segment.

How is it going to shape the future?

Tesla’s decision to expedite the sales and delivery of the updated Model 3 Performance in China sets a precedent for efficient market responsiveness and customer satisfaction. By offering a high-performance electric vehicle with an impressive CLTC range of 623 kilometers, Tesla is poised to solidify its position as a leading player in the Chinese EV market. The strategic rollout of the Model 3 Performance reflects Tesla’s agility in meeting consumer preferences and driving innovation in sustainable transportation. As Tesla continues to optimize its production processes and expand its product offerings, the future of electric mobility in China is set to witness further advancements and increased adoption of cutting-edge EV technology.