Kia EV9 Hits 50,000 Units in Global Sales!


In just its first year on the market, the electric Kia EV9 three-row SUV is already a remarkable success, with estimated global sales nearing 50,000 units. The EV9, known for its spacious design, attractive aesthetics, decent range, and exceptional DC fast charging capabilities, has become a top contender in the world of all-electric three-row SUVs.

Why does it matter?

Reaching around 50,000 units within 12 months of volume production is no small feat for a large electric SUV like the EV9. Its popularity is particularly evident in the U.S., a region where large vehicles, especially three-row SUVs, are highly sought after by families. The majority of EV9 production has been designated for exports, with a significant portion making its way to the U.S. market.

Previously, none of the Kia EV9 models qualified for the $7,500 electric tax credit due to not being manufactured in North America. However, with production now underway in the U.S., the EV9 is eligible for the federal tax credit, potentially influencing Kia’s EV production strategy moving forward.

How is it going to shape the future?

With the U.S.-based production of the Kia EV9 kicking off, it raises questions about how this shift will impact Kia’s overall EV production and market strategy. As demand for the EV9 continues to surge, Kia may need to adjust its manufacturing allocations and possibly introduce new E-GMP-based models to meet evolving market needs.

Furthermore, Kia has seen a substantial rise in global retail EV sales, surpassing 61,000 units in the first four months of 2024. The EV6 remains Kia’s top-selling EV, but the immense popularity of the EV9 suggests that it could potentially overshadow its predecessor in the near future.

In conclusion, the success of the Kia EV9 in hitting the 50,000-unit milestone reflects a strong demand for electric SUVs globally. With production now expanded to the U.S., Kia is poised to capitalize on incentives like the federal tax credit and meet the growing appetite for all-electric vehicles, setting the stage for a dynamic future in the electric vehicle market.