Is Fiat 500e’s $414 Lease Worth It?

At $414 per month, leasing the Fiat 500e might not be the smartest move, despite its cute and charming appeal. The Fiat 500e’s 149-mile range, lack of features, and steep starting price of $32,000 make it a tough sell in the competitive EV market. Fiat had a chance to sweeten the deal with clever accounting tactics and a $7,500 tax credit, but alas, the lease price remains unimpressive compared to other faster and long-range electric vehicles.


Fiat’s lease deal for the 500e comes in at a whopping $414 per month for a 36-month term with 10,000 miles per year. To secure this deal, a 10% down payment of $3,409 is required, and the lease includes the $7,500 tax credit. Despite these efforts, the Fiat 500e falls short when compared to the competitive EV lease market, with other brands offering more affordable options with better features and performance.

Why Does It Matter?

Other EV manufacturers like Polestar, Tesla, and Hyundai are offering lease deals that outshine the Fiat 500e. For instance, Polestar advertises a lower monthly payment of $299 for the Polestar 2 hatchback, while a base Tesla Model 3 can also be leased for $299 per month. These alternatives boast better driving ranges, performance, and features, making the Fiat 500e’s lease deal seem less attractive.

How Is It Going to Shape the Future?

Fiat’s pricing strategy for the 500e reflects a missed opportunity to compete effectively in the EV market. With consumer demand shifting towards more affordable and feature-rich electric vehicles, Fiat’s high lease price for the 500e could hinder its success in the long run. Unless Fiat reevaluates its leasing terms and offers more competitive pricing, the 500e may struggle to gain traction among buyers looking for value and performance in an electric vehicle.

In conclusion, while the Fiat 500e has its charm, its lease deal at $414 per month raises questions about its competitiveness in the evolving EV landscape. As other automakers ramp up efforts to make electric vehicles more accessible, Fiat may need to reconsider its pricing strategy to stay relevant and appealing to potential EV buyers in the future.