BMW CEO Questions Electric Motorcycle Competitiveness


BMW’s CEO, Markus Flasch, has put the brakes on the company’s full-size EV superbike, the Vision DC Roadster. At a recent event premiering the R 20 Concept, Flasch expressed skepticism about the competitive readiness of electric motorcycles compared to their gas counterparts. Despite advancements in technology, Flasch believes that the current state of electric motorcycles falls short in terms of performance, range, pricing, and overall market appeal.

Why does it matter?

Flasch’s decision to hold off on the Vision DC Roadster highlights the ongoing challenges facing the electric motorcycle industry. Issues such as charging infrastructure, environmental concerns related to mining practices, high costs, and limited range continue to hinder the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles. Flasch’s candid remarks shed light on the practical and emotional considerations that influence consumer behavior and industry trends in the electric vehicle market.

How is it going to shape the future?

Flasch’s stance raises important questions about the future of electric motorcycles and the overall shift towards sustainable transportation. While acknowledging the need for environmentally friendly alternatives, Flasch’s emphasis on performance, affordability, and consumer demand underscores the complexities of transitioning to electric vehicles. As BMW focuses on electric scooters and monitors market dynamics, Flasch’s insights may influence the company’s strategic direction and product development in the evolving landscape of electric mobility.