Unveiling Tesla Cybertruck Charging Secrets: Exceeds 300 kW Capacity!


The Tesla Cybertruck, equipped with an 800-volt architecture, can actually charge at over 300 kW when connected to a third-party charger, despite Tesla’s claims of a maximum 250 kW charge rate. During a charging test, the Cybertruck’s power output tapered off as the battery level increased, ultimately replenishing 122 kWh in under 1.5 hours.

Why does it matter?

The discrepancy between Tesla’s stated charging capacity for the Cybertruck and its actual performance sheds light on the potential for faster charging speeds. Despite starting at almost 250 kW, the charging power decreased as the battery level rose, indicating room for improvement in both the vehicle and charging infrastructure.

How is it going to shape the future?

As Tesla enhances its Supercharger network and updates the Cybertruck, we can anticipate even faster charging times. Revealing the Cybertruck’s ability to surpass the 250 kW mark opens the door for advancements in electric vehicle charging technology, promising more efficient and convenient charging experiences for drivers in the future. As third-party chargers continue to evolve, electric vehicles like the Cybertruck will likely become even more efficient and practical for everyday use.