2025 Volkswagen Transporter: Exciting Design Teasers Revealed!


Volkswagen has given a sneak peek at the design details of the upcoming seventh-generation BEV and PHEV Transporter van. This new model is part of VW’s Bulli family and draws inspiration from the iconic VW Microbus. Pre-sales have begun in Europe with a starting price of €36,780, and the official launch is scheduled for Q1 2025. Chief designer Albert Kirzinger shared insights on the Transporter’s design evolution and distinctive features, emphasizing its visual continuity with previous models while embracing a modern interpretation.

Why does it matter?

The new Transporter will be available as both a fully electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant, catering to different consumer preferences. Notably, the design elements of the seventh-generation model pay homage to its predecessors while incorporating contemporary upgrades. The vehicle’s dimensions, ranging from 5,050 mm to 5,450 mm in length, offer versatility for varied transportation needs. With redesigned wheel rims and a choice of tailgate or rear wing doors, Volkswagen aims to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. The emphasis on familial design cues ties the Transporter closely to VW’s Bulli lineup, reinforcing its identity within the brand’s vehicle range.

How is it going to shape the future?

As Volkswagen prepares to unveil more detailed specifications closer to the launch date, the Transporter sets the stage for a blend of heritage and innovation in the automotive industry. By embracing electric and hybrid technologies, VW aligns with the evolving trends towards sustainability and eco-conscious transportation solutions. The strategic placement of design elements, such as the charging socket flap under the headlight, showcases a thoughtful approach to usability and aesthetics. As consumers seek more environmentally friendly options, the Transporter’s fusion of tradition and modernity sets a standard for future vehicle development. Stay tuned for further updates as Volkswagen gears up to introduce the new Transporter model within the next year. Time to rev up those engines and get ready for the Bulli revolution!