2024 Rivian R1T: EPA Range and Price Breakdown


The 2024 Rivian R1T lineup has been listed on the EPA website, showcasing various battery and powertrain configurations and their respective driving ranges. The R1T offers four battery options – Standard, Standard+, Large, and Max, with ranges varying based on battery size and wheel configuration.

Why does it matter?

The EPA range for the Rivian R1T ranges from 270 to 410 miles, depending on the battery and powertrain setup. Interestingly, the model with the largest Max battery pack surprisingly boasts the most efficient energy consumption figures. With pricing starting at $69,900, the R1T falls within the electric pickup truck market, offering consumers a premium option with competitive range and energy efficiency.

How is it going to shape the future?

As electric vehicles become more mainstream, the Rivian R1T sets a standard with its diverse battery and powertrain configurations, providing consumers with choices that cater to their driving needs. The efficiency and range of the R1T demonstrate advancements in electric vehicle technology, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation. With attractive pricing and federal tax incentives, the R1T aims to appeal to a wider audience seeking eco-friendly and high-performing vehicles in the electric vehicle market.