Win VIP Tesla Factory Tour with Elon & Franz!


Tesla is enticing shareholders to vote at the upcoming meeting by offering a chance to win an exclusive factory tour with Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen. The main proposals up for vote include Musk’s 2018 CEO compensation package and relocating Tesla’s state of incorporation to Texas.

Why does it matter?

The board believes that moving Tesla’s state of incorporation to Texas could result in better outcomes, particularly related to legal challenges surrounding Musk’s compensation package. Shareholders have been encouraged to revote in favor of the package and the move to Texas through various initiatives, such as a website and purchasing ads. Despite efforts to sway voters, resistance from entities like major pension funds and advisory firms like Glass Lewis indicates a contentious battle ahead.

How is it going to shape the future?

In a new move to drive shareholder participation, Tesla is offering a raffle for a Gigafactory Texas tour with Musk and von Holzhausen. Shareholders are required to show proof of voting rather than disclose their vote to enter the drawing. The high stakes of these votes could significantly impact Tesla’s governance and legal standing, making it crucial for the company to secure favorable outcomes. Failure to garner support for relocating to Texas could deepen the legal complexities surrounding Musk’s compensation package vote, potentially leading to further challenges ahead. Tesla’s governance issues continue to present hurdles for the company and its shareholders, underscoring the importance of active participation in the upcoming decisions.

In conclusion, Tesla’s shareholder incentives and strategic moves reflect the high-stakes nature of the upcoming votes and the potential implications for the company’s future trajectory. These developments highlight the complexities of corporate governance and the legal challenges that can arise in the wake of pivotal decision-making processes.