Why I Returned to Tesla: Former Manager’s Inspiring Story


A Tesla Supercharger manager, George Bahadue, recently shared his inspiring story of returning to Tesla after being rehired. He referenced the firing of Tesla’s charging head, Rebecca Tinucci, and the subsequent dismissal of 500 team members by Elon Musk. Despite the tumultuous situation, Bahadue chose to come back to Tesla to work on business development and site acquisition for the charging infrastructure.

Why does it matter?

Bahadue’s decision to return to Tesla highlights the importance of the company’s mission in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy. His acknowledgment of the challenges in EV adoption due to the lack of robust charging infrastructure underscores the critical role Tesla plays in addressing this issue. By rejoining Tesla, Bahadue aims to contribute to overcoming the barriers to EV adoption and furthering the company’s mission of changing the world through sustainable energy solutions.

How is it going to shape the future?

Bahadue’s story sheds light on the significance of EV charging infrastructure and Tesla’s pivotal role in advancing sustainable transportation. His return to the company signifies a commitment to driving positive change and addressing the challenges hindering widespread EV adoption. As Tesla continues to invest in Supercharging stations and enhance its charging network, Bahadue’s efforts, along with those of his rehired colleagues, are poised to shape the future of electric mobility by expanding access to convenient and efficient charging solutions.