Ford teases F-150 Lightning EV SuperTruck at Pikes Peak


Ford Performance is creating a buzz with the tease of its new Ford F-150 Lightning-based EV SuperTruck ahead of its debut at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The electric SuperTruck is based on the popular F-150 Lightning, enhanced by Ford’s Performance team for greater power and improved aerodynamics. This project aims to push the boundaries of EV powertrains in extreme conditions, with the knowledge gained being used to enhance Ford’s production vehicles.

Why does it matter?

The upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb presents a challenging 12.42-mile uphill course with 156 turns, allowing Ford to test the capabilities of its Lightning-based EV SuperTruck in a demanding environment. Ford’s use of “performance-minded rolling laboratories” at this event facilitates advancements in EV motor, inverter, and battery pack technology, as well as software calibration and battery cell chemistry. This strategic testing approach underscores Ford’s commitment to innovation in the electric vehicle space.

How is it going to shape the future?

Ford’s teaser video for the Lightning-based EV SuperTruck showcases compelling upgrades, such as a prominent rear wing and rear diffuser, hinting at the vehicle’s high-performance capabilities. With professional driver Romain Dumas set to pilot the SuperTruck at Pikes Peak, Ford is aiming to make a statement in the realm of electric high-performance vehicles. By participating in events like Pikes Peak, Ford is not only showcasing its electric vehicle technology but also contributing to the push towards more sustainable and technologically advanced automotive solutions. Additionally, Ford’s focus on high-performance EVs, including the F-150 Lightning Switchgear, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to offering electric vehicles that combine power, performance, and innovation. With competitors like Hyundai also vying for success in the EV space, the future of electric high-performance vehicles is shaping up to be an exciting and competitive landscape.

In conclusion, Ford’s teaser of the F-150 Lightning EV SuperTruck at Pikes Peak signifies a significant step in the evolution of electric high-performance vehicles, showcasing Ford’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of EV technology and performance.