Petrolhead’s First Ride: Tesla Model Y Unveiled


A self-proclaimed “petrolhead” got the chance to drive a 2024 Tesla Model Y for the first time. The YouTuber, Lucy on Cars, who had limited experience with electric vehicles, was loaned a Tesla Model Y Standard Range for a week to share her thoughts and experiences.

Why does it matter?

Lucy’s review of the Tesla Model Y highlighted key aspects of the electric vehicle, such as its performance, design, interior features, and user experience. She found the acceleration impressive, the exterior design unique, the interior materials high quality, and the interior spacious and comfortable. However, she noted some challenges with the unconventional start-up process and the touchscreen interface which required adjustments to traditional car driving habits. Despite her initial reservations as a fan of traditional combustion engine vehicles, Lucy found herself surprisingly drawn to the electric driving experience.

How is it going to shape the future?

Lucy’s firsthand experience with the Tesla Model Y reflects a growing trend of traditional car enthusiasts exploring electric vehicles. Her review provides valuable insights into how petrolheads, who typically favor powerful combustion engines, perceive and interact with electric cars. As more individuals like Lucy test and share their experiences with electric vehicles, it could potentially accelerate the shift towards widespread adoption of electric cars in the automotive industry. Lucy’s review serves as a testament to the evolving perceptions and acceptance of electric vehicles among car enthusiasts, hinting at a future where electric driving experiences become more mainstream and appealing even to those with a penchant for traditional petrol-powered engines.