Mercedes EQE SUV Gets Massive $23,000 Price Cut!


Mercedes Benz has made waves in the electric vehicle market by slashing prices on its EQE electric SUV in Australia. The luxury brand announced significant price cuts of up to $23,000 on its electric SUV models, making them more accessible to consumers. The base model EQE 300 now starts at $124,383 before on-roads, down by $10,517, while the AMG EQE 53 4Matic+ is priced at $166,691 before on-roads, a reduction of $23,209.

Why does it matter?

This move by Mercedes Benz comes as part of a trend among major car manufacturers lowering prices on their electric vehicle offerings. The price reductions aim to make electric vehicles more competitive and appealing to a wider range of customers. With other brands like Lotus, Tesla, BYD, MG, and Nissan also cutting prices on their EV models, the electric vehicle market is becoming more dynamic and affordable.

The EQE electric SUV lineup has seen strong sales in Australia, with the base model offering 180 kW of power and 550 Nm of torque, while the AMG variant boasts 460 kW of power and 950 Nm of torque, capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. The larger battery pack in the dual-motor variant enhances driving range and performance, catering to different preferences and needs of electric vehicle drivers.

How is it going to shape the future?

The price cuts on electric vehicles, including the Mercedes EQE SUV, are expected to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the market. As more car manufacturers lower prices and enhance models, consumers are likely to transition towards environmentally friendly vehicles that offer cost savings and high-performance capabilities. With electric vehicles becoming more affordable and technologically advanced, the shift towards sustainable transportation options is set to reshape the automotive industry and reduce emissions in urban areas.

In conclusion, Mercedes Benz’s decision to reduce prices on its EQE electric SUV models reflects a broader trend in the industry towards making electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to consumers. As competition increases and prices decline, the future of transportation is poised to become more eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable for drivers looking to embrace the electric revolution.