Insurer Totals Rivian R1T Over 99-Cent Skid Plate Drama


Luxury electric vehicles like Rivian R1T are being needlessly totaled by insurance companies over minor issues post-accident, such as a few studs in the skid plate potentially puncturing the battery pack. Despite being repairable, the hassle prompts insurers to write off the vehicles.

Why does it matter?

Local repair shops lack the necessary tools to diagnose battery and drive train issues in newer EVs, leading to premature write-offs. In the case of a Rivian R1T with minimal exterior damage, the insurance company totaled the vehicle without assessing the actual damage accurately, overreacting to a negligible issue.

How is it going to shape the future?

Specialized diagnostic centers like MLM Diagnostics are stepping in to address post-collision issues in EVs by utilizing OEM tools for accurate assessments and repairs. By debunking misconceptions about potential battery damage, such as in the Rivian R1T case, these centers can prevent unnecessary write-offs and make repairs more feasible for insurers and owners alike. This could lead to a shift in how insurance companies handle EV claims post-accident, reducing unwarranted total losses and ensuring that repairable vehicles get a second chance on the road.