Xiaomi EV Attracts Autonomous Driving Expert Wang Naiyan


Xiaomi EV, the electric vehicle unit of Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, is boosting its smart driving capabilities by welcoming Wang Naiyan onboard. Wang, former China CTO of autonomous driving tech firm TuSimple, brings a wealth of experience in L2 assisted driving and L4 autonomous driving solutions, as well as expertise in deep learning and intelligent driver assistance technology. Xiaomi’s focus on smart driving is evident with the recent launch of its first EV model, the SU7, and the goal to deliver 100,000 units this year.

Why does it matter?

Wang Naiyan’s addition to Xiaomi EV signifies a strategic move to accelerate research and development in smart driving technology. Xiaomi’s success in the EV industry, particularly with the SU7 model, reflects a growing demand for their vehicles, leading to extended waiting periods for customers. With a strong emphasis on smart driving, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun has demonstrated the company’s commitment by showcasing the SU7 Pro’s capabilities in live videos and expressing the importance of attracting top talent in this field.

How is it going to shape the future?

Xiaomi’s investment in smart driving technology, evidenced by the expansion of its R&D team and extensive road testing, positions the company to become a key player in the smart electric vehicle space. By leveraging Wang Naiyan’s expertise and focusing on advancing autonomous driving capabilities, Xiaomi is poised to lead innovation in the industry. As Xiaomi continues to push boundaries in smart driving, their commitment to delivering high-quality EVs and enhancing the driving experience sets a precedent for future developments in the sector.

Source: https://cnevpost.com/2024/05/23/xiaomi-ev-smart-driving-new-top-talent/