Xiaomi Boosts Smart Driving Team to 1,000+


Xiaomi’s smart driving team has rapidly grown to over 1,000 members and aims to expand by 500 more by the year-end. The Chinese tech giant, known for its smartphones, is venturing deeper into electric vehicles (EVs) and advanced mobility solutions. Through its electric vehicle unit, Xiaomi EV, the company is intensifying its focus on intelligent driving technologies and plans to be an industry leader by 2024.

Why does it matter?

With the increase in staff for its smart driving team, Xiaomi is signaling a strong commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies in the EV space. By bolstering its AI lab and investing in research and development, the company is positioning itself to compete with established players like Xpeng in the smart driving arena. This strategic move underscores Xiaomi’s dedication to innovation and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

How is it going to shape the future?

Xiaomi’s unveiling of its smart driving full-stack technology architecture and the launch of its first EV model, the SU7, demonstrate the company’s progress in integrating advanced features like self-driving capabilities and AI-driven systems into its vehicles. By acquiring DeepMotionTech Limited and recruiting top talent, Xiaomi is poised to enhance its smart driving technologies further, paving the way for more sophisticated and efficient mobility solutions in the future. As Xiaomi continues to push the boundaries of innovation in smart driving, consumers can anticipate safer, more convenient, and intelligent driving experiences from the brand.

Source: https://cnevpost.com/2024/05/23/xiaomi-smart-driving-team-1000/