US’s Largest Electric Truck Microgrid Fueled by Natural Gas Unveiled


Southern California is now home to the largest heavy-duty electric truck charging depot in the US, powered by a cutting-edge microgrid fueled by natural gas. Prologis and Performance Team have collaborated to launch this impressive charging depot near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, capable of simultaneously charging up to 96 electric trucks. The hub features 360 kW chargers produced by Zerova and will primarily cater to Performance Team’s fleet of Volvo VNR Electric trucks, aiding in their goal to reach net zero emissions by 2040.

Why does it matter?

With California mandating the transition to electric drayage and heavy-duty trucks, the Prologis Denker microgrid emerges as a strategic solution to accelerate the adoption of electric trucks. By incorporating 2.75 MW of Mainspring Energy’s fuel-flexible linear generators and 18 MWh of batteries, the microgrid can offer up to 9 MW of charging capacity. Although currently running on natural gas, the microgrid’s potential to shift to sustainable fuels in the future underscores its environmental impact and efficiency in reducing transport emissions.

How is it going to shape the future?

While the decision to utilize natural gas has raised questions about long-term sustainability, the microgrid’s adaptability to switch to hydrogen and other eco-friendly fuels presents an opportunity for enhanced environmental stewardship. The ability of the microgrid to function during power outages, a notable advantage over diesel trucks, emphasizes its reliability and resilience. As the push for cleaner transportation intensifies, initiatives like the Prologis Denker microgrid pave the way for innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability and efficiency in the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles.