Ampcontrol Launches MegaWatt Charger for Mining Vehicles

Australian electrical engineering firm Ampcontrol has introduced the MegaWatt Charger, a powerful charging solution catering to a wide range of vehicles, from light passenger cars to heavy-duty dump trucks and trains. Unveiling this innovation at The Electric Mine 2024 exhibition in Perth, the company aims to support the mining industry’s electrification efforts across fleets, assets, and site operations.


The MegaWatt Charger is a game-changer in the realm of electric vehicle charging, boasting the capability to provide charging solutions for various vehicle types, including electric haul dump trucks, trains, and buses. With the ability to deliver up to 500kW via a standard CCS2 plug and up to 1MW through the RADOX MCS1500 plug, this charger offers flexibility and efficiency in the charging process.

Why does it matter?

In response to the mining industry’s shift towards decarbonization and net zero goals, Ampcontrol’s MegaWatt Charger emerges as a cutting-edge technology that addresses the industry’s need for efficient and sustainable charging solutions. With a focus on optimizing charge time and energy management, this charger is designed to meet the evolving demands of the sector while contributing to environmental initiatives.

How is it going to shape the future?

As the mining industry continues to embrace electrification as part of its sustainability agenda, innovations like the MegaWatt Charger play a crucial role in transforming operations towards cleaner energy usage. The charger’s ability to accommodate a range of vehicles with varying power needs underscores its adaptability and relevance in a sector transitioning towards greener practices. With features like IP65 dust and water protection and options for isolation transformers, the MegaWatt Charger sets a new standard for robust, resilient, and standalone charging infrastructure.

In conclusion, Ampcontrol’s MegaWatt Charger represents a significant advancement in charging technology, aligning with the mining industry’s environmental objectives and paving the way for more sustainable and efficient operations. By offering a versatile solution that caters to diverse vehicle requirements, this innovation signifies a step forward in the electrification journey of mining fleets and signifies a positive shift towards cleaner energy practices within the sector.