$80,000 Saved Annually: US Town’s Tesla Police Fleet Success


The Bargersville Police Department in the US has switched the majority of their patrol vehicles to Teslas over the past 5 years. With a fleet of 13 Teslas, the town is saving an impressive $80,000 annually in fuel costs compared to gas-powered police vehicles. The substantial savings have allowed the department to hire two new officers, thanks to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the electric vehicles.

Why does it matter?

Police Chief Todd Bertram emphasizes the significant financial benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles, stating that the move has proven to be successful and could work for other agencies across the country. The financial impact is evident in the stark contrast between the monthly fuel costs of diesel cars ($2,900 per month) versus the electricity costs to charge Teslas ($600 per month). This remarkable tenfold reduction in fuel expenses showcases the potential for substantial savings by embracing electric vehicles on a larger scale.

How is it going to shape the future?

Clean technology researcher and advocate, Daniel Bleakley, highlights the broader potential for savings by envisioning a nationwide shift to all-electric police fleets in the US. According to his calculations, such a transition could result in a staggering $1.6 billion in annual fuel savings alone. This success story from Bargersville serves as a compelling case study for the economic and environmental advantages of electric vehicles, paving the way for more significant transformations in the law enforcement sector and beyond.

Source: https://thedriven.io/2024/05/23/its-all-about-the-money-us-town-saves-80000-a-year-by-switching-to-electric-police-vehicles/