Score Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations From $225, Lectric EV Sale!


Today, Green Deals feature incredible discounts on Goal Zero’s newest Yeti portable power stations, starting as low as $225 for the Yeti 300. Additionally, Lectric is offering up to $806 off e-bike bundles, with the XPeak Off-Road e-bikes now priced at $1,399. Heybike is celebrating its 3-year anniversary with discounts of up to $700 on e-bikes, including a chance to win a free Mars 2.0 model. The article also highlights other ongoing Green Deals and the best EV buying and leasing deals.

Why does it matter?

Goal Zero is slashing prices on their latest Yeti power stations, catering to outdoor enthusiasts with varying capacity sizes and fast-charging capabilities. Lectric’s Memorial Day sale presents significant savings on e-bike bundles, including the XPeak Off-Road models packed with free gear. Heybike’s anniversary sale offers compelling discounts on a range of e-bikes, along with an exciting opportunity to win a Mars 2.0 e-bike. These deals provide great value for eco-conscious consumers seeking sustainable transportation and power solutions.

How is it going to shape the future?

The discounted prices on Goal Zero’s Yeti power stations, coupled with their advanced features, make sustainable portable power more accessible for outdoor activities and emergencies. Lectric’s sale emphasizes the growing popularity of e-bikes as a green mode of transportation, especially with added accessories enhancing the overall biking experience. Heybike’s anniversary promotion not only encourages more people to adopt e-bikes but also fosters brand loyalty through special offers and giveaways. These deals contribute to shaping a future where eco-friendly transportation and power solutions are increasingly embraced by consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.