Echandia Electrifies Big Ferries in Europe: Largest Order Yet!


Echandia, a Swedish marine electrification specialist, has secured its largest order to date to electrify two RoPax ferries for a Northern European ferry operator. The order includes delivering battery systems and converting the ferries to operate solely on battery power. These systems are selected for their durability, safety, and space efficiency compared to other options in the market.

Why does it matter?

The trend towards converting ferries from fossil fuel to electric propulsion is gaining momentum, with Echandia at the forefront of the movement. This order adds to its impressive portfolio of marine electrification projects, such as collaborating with industry giants like Damen Shipyards and Siemens to develop innovative electric ferry fleets worldwide. Notably, Echandia’s solutions are proving to be reliable and cost-effective, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable transport options.

How is it going to shape the future?

By electrifying these large ferries, Echandia is contributing to a more sustainable maritime industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The successful implementation of battery-powered ferries sets a precedent for other operators to follow suit, promoting cleaner and more efficient transportation solutions. As the world shifts towards eco-friendly practices, Echandia’s expertise and commitment to electrification are pivotal in driving the maritime sector towards a greener future.

In conclusion, Echandia’s latest milestone in electrifying two big ferries in Europe not only demonstrates its leadership in marine electrification but also underscores the growing importance of sustainable transportation in the global maritime industry.